Strategy 123 has expanded its services for business partners! Call Cat for details!

Engineer Better Outcomes


Now for Business Partners, too!  If you would like to increase your impact and influence serving communities, strategic planning and the right partnerships will improve your results. We provide opportunities and develop relationships to enhance your business and the service you provide to your clients.

Contract Performance and Efficiencies

Analyze management agreements to allow for increased efficiencies through technology,  flexibility, control of your primary assets, and increased revenue producing opportunities.  

Strategic Partnerships

Working with professionals who have proven their value can amplify your company's results. Strategy 123 connects great companies with like-minded professionals to get results more quickly and profitably.

Business Valuations and Succession Planning

Can your company run without you?  Do you know what your company is worth?  Have you planned to retain key personnel and implemented the right processes  to assure business continuation in your absence, or eventual exit?

Mergers and Acquisitions

Use your company's strengths to access capital, acquire a competitor, or position your company for sale.  Actively manage the metrics that financial institutions and acquirers value to improve results.

How can Strategy 1 2 3 help my business?


We've seen it before!

Management companies and the business partners who serve them have similar challenges.  

Strategy 1 2 3 has experience with creative ways that companies overcame challenges facing all of us, through the positive and proven experience of industry thought leaders.

Because a good idea is a good idea

While always respectful of proprietary  client information, peer to peer information sharing is a great way to learn what's worked for other executives, so you can apply common market knowledge to  amplify your results.

Best practices change over time

As competition increases and clients expect better, quicker, and faster responses, we share ways to manage expectations while being compensated for your performance.

Collaboration is key

"Collaborating with Cat has been invaluable.  Her industry knowledge and experience was and is instrumental in her ability to guide practices that result in greater efficiencies for not only my business, but my clients’ as well.  Often times our discussions led to discoveries which is not something that is easy to find with most business partners.  I will continue to seek her insight for as long as she’ll offer it". 

Matt Scibek, CEO, Westford Real Estate Management

Speaking of profitability...

Although your company is dedicated to serving not for profit associations, that doesn't mean your company is non-profit.  We find ways to reduce your overhead so you can focus on revenue generating tasks.

What should you expect from greater revenue?

CEOs love earnings.  Stakeholders love earnings.  Banks love earnings.  Acquirers love earnings.  Using industry data from closed transactions, we help you calculate how an increased bottom line helps you affect the outcome you desire.

Key Business Analysis Metrics

Contract Performance

Financial Results

Efficiency Improvements

CEO Exit Strategies

Succession Planning

Mergers and Aquisitions

Access to Capital

Image and Culture


Industry Insight

Why Planning is Key?

Not all  transactions between willing sellers and willing buyers are successful. We strive to enhance the likelihood of successful due diligence by providing realistic market knowledge and creating fair expectations for all parties

Improve Profitability

Strategic alliances, when properly implemented and executed greatly enhance profitability.  Earnings, when multiplied not only create successful life styles, they also make your company attractive to a lender or an acquirer.

Get noticed for all the right reasons!

Management Companies are not Commodities

Each company has a unique personality and image, carefully crafted through years of experience.  Turn your successful company into an influencer in your market, and drive clients to value you over your competitors.